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We offer strategy and advice on how to influence law and public policy.

With close proximity to Leinster House and government buildings, political communications is a key focus for PRISM PR. We advise on communications strategy for those in the political arena encompassing services of media training, media relations, agenda setting, speech and press release writing and new media communication. We provide strategic communication on all areas of political process, government and public policy.

Prism PR offers communications services which advise government, business leaders and the public, regarding the potential consequences of legislation. With in-house legal advisors we provide both representation and advice on how changes in the law will impact business. We educate clients about the law-making process and identify and monitor key issues that affect their business and stakeholders.

We offer strategy and advice on how to influence law and public policy. This process is both educational and representative in nature, which ensures that client and stakeholder positions are considered in policy debate.

We ensure these positions are adequately considered in policy debate by lobbying public officials, staff and/or the general public. Lobbying in this way can influence the law and requires knowledge of the legal system, the model of government, extensive contacts and a compelling case that can shape public policy.