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Media Relations
Media Relations / Prism PR Agency Dublin.

Media Relations is not simply devising press releases that result in media coverage.

Building relationships with media to communicate our client’s goals, ideas and newsworthy events is central, to the public relations process. It is not simply devising and dissemination of press releases and the resultant media coverage, but an ongoing relationship and communication that is truly two-way. In the digital age we find that a story can break at any moment, at any hour day or night and we must be on hand to help our fellow journalists get the story, get the relevant information and ultimately get the scoop.

We must also prepare our clients for the cut and thrust of journalism to ensure that they are trained to the highest standard in representing their organization and stakeholders. Communicating difficult news, communicating in times of crisis, are key challenges that face almost every company. Building solid media relationships ensures that our client’s news and perspectives will be heard in good times as well as during challenging times.

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