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Featured Services

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is multi-factorial in nature but in essence we focus on integrity, high standards of service and transparency.

Reputation is a company’s most important asset. Built over time, reputation management is multi-factorial in nature but in essence, integrity, high standards of service, transparency and consistency are what it takes. Thus communicating and building profile and reputation of any brand or organisation is something that is inevitably achieved over time.


Issue & Change Management

At PRISM PR we are keenly aware of Issue and Change Management. We place high importance on anticipating issues and managing change.

Issue and Change Management or more accurately Management of Change is something that effects every organisation. With the democratisation of information and world publishing power in the palm of most people’s hands, change management is itself changing.


Medical Communication

Medical Communications is one of our key services. We engage with professional medical writers to develop the highest standards of medical education

The team at Prism PR hold strong medical credentials and a keen understanding of the medical landscape in Ireland from service provision, disease awareness, public affairs and media relations. Creative campaigns of stakeholder and patient centric engagement are multidisciplinary and multimedia in approach.


Event Management

In managing sports events, awards ceremonies or medical congresses our attention to detail is foremost with creative solutions offered within budget and on message.

From event concept, planning, logistics and coordinating the technical aspects of your event PRISM PR will be on hand to ensure client and stakeholders, are catered to the highest standard.