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Featured Services

Medical Communication

Medical Communications is one of our key services. We engage with professional medical writers to develop the highest standards of medical education

The team at Prism PR hold strong medical credentials and a keen understanding of the medical landscape in Ireland from service provision, disease awareness, public affairs and media relations. Creative campaigns of stakeholder and patient centric engagement are multidisciplinary and multimedia in approach.


Event Management

In managing sports events, awards ceremonies or medical congresses our attention to detail is foremost with creative solutions offered within budget and on message.

From event concept, planning, logistics and coordinating the technical aspects of your event PRISM PR will be on hand to ensure client and stakeholders, are catered to the highest standard.


Other Services

Internal Communications

Business leaders recognise the importance of having strong internal communications in their organisations. The communication between leaders and their teams, or between team members keeps employees informed of important changes in the organisation. It also provides a platform to share thoughts and ideas that will enhance productivity in an organisation.

We develop internal communications plans that will help leaders be intentional about communication with their employees, leading to increased levels of trust, morale, goodwill, and productivity. We advise at key times of change with a focus on long term corporate communications planning and execution.

Media Training

Media training is essential for many senior executives. While adept in preparing for presentations regularly in front of colleagues and even before audiences at international congresses, media training is something that some executives overlook, until the day arrives when they have to do TV or radio or hold a press meeting at short notice and realise that this is a different experience entirely.

We provide thoughtful training individual to our client needs and personalities that enable them to represent themselves and their organisation to the highest standard. With extensive TV and radio experience our team provide scenario based interviewing techniques for learning. Through simulating radio and TV interviews, we build confidence in our clients in an environment that is as close to being ‘on air’ as possible. At the end of training we record and review interviews, offering and exploring different techniques. Through ongoing support of each individual our clients gain confidence and skill in communicating to large media audiences.

Scientific Communication

Communicating on science-related topics to experts and non-experts is something at which we excel. From scholarly to lay media audiences, we have got it covered. PRISM PR associates posses strong scientific and technical backgrounds, with a passion and ability to share new information in innovative and creative ways.

Pharmaceutical Communications services range from patient relations and disease awareness campaigns to government affairs. Our services include organisation of medical conferences, product launches, copyrighting, media and stakeholder engagement. Establishing long-term key opinion leader, patient group, media and government relations are a key focus creating win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.

With a wide range of industry and acedemic experts at our fingertips we have the expertise and contacts to communicate new knowledge to academia, industry, national and international audiences. Whether it’s a scientific breakthrough from one of our leading universities or joint ventures with industry, we will be at hand to communicate and advocate on your behalf.

Sustainability & Reporting

We provide sustainability and reporting services which enable companies and organizations, to report on their sustainability in a way that is similar to financial reporting.  Providing and communicating on comparable data with agreed metrics, gives accurate information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

Sustainability reporting is a key a public relations service critical for managing change towards a sustainable global economy. We consult with senior decision makers, to shape and communicate on company strategy and policy, improving performance that combines long-term profitability, with social justice and environmental care.

Social Media Engagement

At PRISM PR we take a long-term view on social media engagement. We believe in authentic online engagement, through information and service provision. We see social media as an extension of customer service.  It is with this ideation that we consult our clients to provide the best two-way customer service experience possible for them.

Multimedia in approach, we get to the heart of what our client currently offers and listen to their customers and advice on strategy to make their company and their offering even better.


At PRISM PR we understand that sponsoring events that appeal to clients markets can create a positive influence in the hearts and minds of their customers. Cause related sponsorship can also result in a significant rise in sales. Creating the right sponsorship alliance is key in developing a comprehensive campaign, which can generate media coverage that might not have been available otherwise. We work with our clients to develop suitable sponsorship, cause related marketing and corporate social responsibility initiatives that ensure maximum stakeholder engagement and return on investment.

Relationship Marketing

Our relationship marketing strategies promote the long-term value of customer relationships. Relationship marketing services include inbound marketing techniques of search engine optimization, strategic content provision, social media, video and application development.

Media Monitoring

We provide a media monitoring service which tracks all media mentions of your business or brand. This is an effective PR evaluation tool in tracking mentions across print, TV, radio, the web and social media. Media monitoring can also be used to track competitor and sectoral activity.


A well thought-out photo call can be a very effective public relations tool. We employ the best press photographers in the business and consult with them on the story, event, creative composition, key objectives and dissemination.

With the accompanying press release the imagery should be compelling, adding impact and resonance to the written word. In the digital age we increasingly incorporate video content to maximise online engagement.